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About Us

Chaapaar Group is a private knowledge-based company certified by the Vice President of Science and Technology as the largest provider of email-based communication services. Chaapaar seeks to develop new technologies based on computer engineering and related fields, it also aims to improve and localize all types of communication services based on information technology. In 1390, Chaapaar Group effectively entered the field of selling organizational products and by competing successfully with all foreign providers managed to gain a significant percentage of their customers in a short period of time.

during the past few years, large software projects have been developed by this group based on customer orders in various business fields.

One of the considerable points about this organization is its vast geographical spread of customers across the country, Currently, spreading from the southernmost to the northernmost parts of the country and this process continues. It is also noteworthy to point out in 1391, Chaapaar was selected as the top rank of web-based services in the country's annual festival of information technology.


Our specialties

Extensive software design and development in cloud computing platform.

Information security services

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Extensive software design and development in cloud computing platform

Design and implementation of various open source and commercial solutions based on the software production line (integrated with code quality control systems) and its integration with the cloud computing infrastructure based on different types of Containers in the structure of public and private clouds is another part of chaapaar group services for its customers. This solution ultimately guarantees a standard format and structure in order to eliminate human processes and create an integrated and end-to-end structure in order to produce software and present it at the end of the chain in the form of a service.
Due to the extensive experience of the group in various data center sectors such as network, security, service infrastructure, etc., the integration of software production with these sectors will create a great added value for customers and promises cost reduction and quality improvement.

Our services in this section include the following:

  • - Providing a safe production line of software and related technologies
  • - Implementation of necessary software and hardware required to provide the service.
  • - Training programmers and project infrastructure teams.
  • - Design and supervision of ongoing software projects.

Information security services

Information security is one of the structural pillars of information technology, meaning if this section is compromised, other sections will also be affected. Today, information security is designed and implemented according to different standards and frameworks, and it has its own meaning at different levels of technology.
Information security experts in Chaapaar Group with more than 14 years of experience in various fields of information technology security will provide a wide range of services to customers, including the following:

  • - Analyzing the current state of information security and documenting it.
  • - Penetration testing, extraction of security risks and threats
  • - Designing and implementing the desired status based on the ISO 27001 standard
  • - Implementation of hardware and security services
  • - Infrastructure security and consulting for safe software production

Our Products

Organizational email

Organizational messenger

Centralized Authentication (SSO)

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Organizational email

One of the platforms required by businesses is an email service based on a set of their own domains. With more than a decade of experience in providing corporate e-mail service and with more than 200 customers across the country, Chaapaar offers you a safe and reliable platform. These services include the following:

  • - Providing the necessary software platform for a secure e-mail service.
  • - Providing e-mail service integrated with data center services.
  • - Providing a variety of support services and professional training.

Organizational messenger

In order to improve inter-organizational/intra-organizational communication, the use of an enterprise/organizational messenger is one of requirements of each business. Chaapaar Group is proud to provide corporate/organizational messaging software in line with organizational email software. This platform offers you the following services:

  • - Integrated communication with the organization's email
  • - Providing an access platform in the web and Android layer
  • - Providing a powerful form builder for designing organizational forms
  • - Installing the software in your data center
  • - Creating maximum security by keeping information on your own servers

Centralized Authentication (SSO)

Centralized authentication software provides a secure platform for centralized authentication of all software and hardware systems based on secure protocols. This platform offers you the following services:

  • - Providing a variety of authentication protocols such as Oauth 2.0
  • - Providing all kinds of MFA services (EOTP, SOTP, TOTP)
  • - Provide comparative authentication
  • - Providing a variety of services based on API
  • - Providing security dashboards to analyze events
  • - Providing login services based on social networks

Branches / Agencies

Mail security gateway

Attlasian Products

Code quality control based on SonarQube product

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Mail security gateway

In order to secure the e-mail service and prevent security threats, according to the best brands in the world, the following capabilities are provided at three levels based on the virtual machine:

Feature Base Bundle Enterprise Advanced Threat Protection Bundle ent. ATP with cloud email API support bundle
99.97% Spam capture rate
advanced multi-layer malware detection
integration with customer LDAP
secure message delivery (TLS)
message tracking
virus outbreak service
indetity-based encryption (IBE)
email data loss prevention
content disarm and reconstruction
URL click protection
impersonation analysis
Cloud Sandboxing
real-time scanning of microsoft and google mailboxes
scheduled Scanning Of Microsoft And Google Mailboxes
post-delivery clawback of newly discovered email threats

Attlasian products

All Attlasian products are provided based on the latest versions presented by this company based on valid licenses.


Indentity Management for Users


Collaboration, Documentation

Jira Service Desk

Service Desk & Change Management


Team Chat, Video, File Sharing


Collaborative Code Review


Continuous Integration Server

Jira Software

Plan, Track & Release Software


Git Code Management


Search, Track & Visualize Code Changes

Code quality control based on SonarQube product

One of the most important and vital parts of software production process, is controlling the quality of automatically produced codes. It is significant since it provides a permanent structure based on international standards. Chaapaar Group is by your side in all stages including: 1- Preparation of international licenses 2- Design and installation of systems and its integration with the software production line 3- Customization of quality control processes based on organizational needs. The quality control software provides you with the following features in the Data Center Edition.

Our services in this section include:

  • - SonarLint IDE integration
  • - Branch analysis
  • - Pull Request decoration
  • - Taint analysis
  • - Detection of advanced bugs causing runtime errors & crashes
  • - 30+ languages
  • - Multiple DevOps platforms - multiple configurations for each DevOps platform
  • - Parallel processing of analysis reports
  • - Monorepo support for PR Decoration
  • - Security engine customization
  • - Security reports
  • - Portfolio Management & PDF Executive Reports
  • - Project PDF reports
  • - Regulatory reports to record release state & quality
  • - Audit trailing
  • - Project transfer
  • - 3 additional test/stage licenses
  • - Component redundancy
  • - Data resiliency
  • - Horizontal scalability

Communication with customers

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